French Kate specialises in editorial illustration - responding to a piece of text with visuals.
However, in the spirit of her curiosity, she takes it further exploring concept art and advertising illustration.
Bellow is a list of subjects she touches on with her art.

human migration


Moved by world news that we scroll through daily, French Kate hopes to grab longer attention from audiences through editorial illustrations to spread awareness and action to make this earth a better place to live in.


From album covers to music video posters and more, French Kate indulges in the place that visuals have taken within musical projects.

dressup party poster


You've just lived some of the best memories at an open air event and wish you could re-live it through pictures you took - better yet, a whole illustrated poster for the next upcoming party!


Already inspired by the raw emotion humans get to express through dance - if drawing them all day was a full time job, French Kate would take it up in the blink of an eye.

jacob jonasnoise.jpg
au revoir


Illustration has always been present in the fashion world.
Franch Kate explores this with her interest in not only high fashion but streetwear too.


Englobing a whole trip or weekend through one illustration is another subject French Kate likes to incorporate her drawn collages.

serpent plume 5insta.jpg


Don't we all like to escape through made up worlds, myths and characters?

French Kate does just that through concept art, character design and short comic projects.


Another great cultural industry for visual arts and storytelling is of course the immense world of cinematography.

From storyboarding to poster design, French Kate explores atmosphere and tone through lighting and composition studies of keyframes from films and music videos.



Passionate about the culinary arts, French Kate offers traditional illustrations often used within menus, recipe books or product labels to induce a nostalgic and authentic feel to everyday consummers.


With the protection of the environement being one of French Kates values, animals and wildlife clearly come into the equasion and so is also an area of interest for the illustrator.

joe bae music gif


The newest addition within French Kate's quest to ultimate creativity is of course the blooming industry of animation. 

A work in progress through gifs and short scenes that she is eager to explore furthermore.