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Welcome to French Kate's world.
On her website you will be able to get to know French Kate better, discover the projects she's had the chance to produce throughout the years, contact her if you woulrd like to work with her or even purchase her prints and more in her online shop.

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Get to know French Kate better.

Kate Healy is a Franco-British artist.Passionate about every aspect of culture (the arts, history, sociology...) which she represents the most in her work, she also shows diversity within her techniques using paint, digital tools and multiple sculpture mediums.


After having gratudated with a BA in Illustration at the University of the West England and worked in a stained glass supplies shop, she specialized her practices in illustration and contemporary stained glass.Curious, sociable and constantly inspired by others, she enjoys collaborating and thinking about visual solutions to any creative project.


Because of the global situation she relocated from Bristol back to her home town in the Paris area. There, she continued her freelance career going by the name of French Kate.


Why French Kate? Growing up as one of the English kids in french schools and later on recognized as a french girl during University in Bristol, she figured French Kate was suiting.It refers to her love for culture on a personal level: her Frenchness within the adjective French and her Englishness within Kate being a traditional anglosaxon name.

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Discover French Kates projects in illustration, shirts, volume, drink and draw meet ups, events and exhibitions.

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Contact French Kate if you would be interested to work with her on a project that you have in mind linked with editorial illustration, mural decoration, typography work, storyboarding, animating a workshop.

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You'd like to decorate your home spaces or have no idea what to gift your loved ones? Get yourself your own French Kate art print, shirt or original piece!

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Discover French Kates projects in illustration, volume, textile, photography, paint and animation.