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French Kate's go to inspiration for drawing has always been music videos as they include all of her main interests: music, videography, fashion and dance. This is the main theme she chose for her Inktober challenge of 2021.

What is Inktober?
Inktober is an Instagram challenge for people who enjoy drawing.
The challenge was created by Jake Parker with the means to encourage people to draw everyday during the whole month of October with the help of a prompt list to follow and post the daily drawing on the app with the according hashtags.
A website has even been created for it since.
It's a great exercise to keep a routine for drawing and challenging oneself to think outside the box and not worry too much about an end result.

Throughout the years, French Kate played along trying different rules for herself like starting every drawing with a scribble or only mythical themed.
For Inktober 2021, she decided to focus her own take on the challenge by drawing what she draws most: pen sketching from music videos.

After work, she did her best to keep up with the daily challenge and drew illustrations from music videos that inspired her.
She limited herself to an hour for each drawing in an A5 sketchbook dedicated to the challenge and then posted them online.
French Kate managed to keep up the routine for 15 drawings of some of her favourite artists and songs.

After October whenever she had the time, French Kate edited the drawings throughout the year in order to add colour and hopefully print them some day as posters for her audience to enjoy.
She even mocked up some as in situ billboards for hypothetical concerts.

The day came when she printed a few of the series for her own business card and for an exhibition in Paris.

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